What Are The Threats To Cloud File Sharing

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Without any doubt the cloud file sharing providers have given the world a very wise solution for the problem of data storage and maintenance and have saved many enterprise and business sector a huge amount. The remote access solutions for small business have revolutionized the business working environment and nearly every business no matter whether it is small or big is moving towards the use of remote desktop in Australia applications. The major  problem that however these cloud file sharing service providers are facing is of the security and it is the only reason that there are still companies and enterprise who are not using the cloud services because of the reason that they are afraid that the involvement of a third party will result in the leakage or loss of their data. 

As you move your data to online storage you basically loose the control over your data. Now when your data has moved out of the premises of your company there is now a higher security threat to this and while there is some third party who is working on the security of your data it is highly likely that it will not be in your favor. Although, there are number of ways through which you could minimize the security threats. One of the ways is that you cipher your files and all the data before uploading. In this way even if some unauthorized person is able to access your data and information then it is already ciphered and he will not be able to decipher it.  

When the data is online and in the application or on the server of the third party then certainly the third party has access to all your information and data and he may use it for some illegal purposes. Therefore the data leakage is one of the major problems in online cloud file sharing systems.  

A common concept that the cloud file sharing has introduced is the BYOD which stands for bring your own device. It is in human nature that the he is very more productive and efficient with something that is said to be his own. This concept however brings benefits to both the company and the employee in the sense that company does not have to spend million on providing every employee with the resources and each employee could bring his own device to work and since the employee is more familiar with his own working device, its hardware and interfaces therefore he is likely to be much more productive when using it but this gives rise to a security issue of when all the data is available on the employee device then this device could easily be stolen or lost and could easily end up in the hands of a third party. For more information, please log on to https://northbridgesecure.com/solutions/new-ways-of-working/



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