Expensive Gifts To Impress Your Loved Ones With

Even the most selfless person is impressed with some serious brand-name recognition. What more classy gift can there be than a gift that speaks to what they love, but in a brand name that the entire world recognizes? They don’t have to be big, but the following gifts definitely possess star power. Read on for ideas and don’t forget to start collecting money for Christmas:
For the Literary-MindedOf course a first edition of their favourite book is ideal but they are not always available for sale. Chances are that a reader is also appreciative of the tools of writing, so this time, surprise your loved one with a famous name brand pen. The prices range from fountain pens that don’t cost too much to pens that you can ask to be monogrammed or inscribed with something to remember you buy. Don’t forget to add an old fashioned spiral bound notebook designed after their favourite book, in case they have literary leanings themselves.
For the Gaming FreakGifts for these guys and girls are always easy – just get them something game-related or a gift card to their favourite gaming store. Switch it up this time by buying them something from Alienware, which is a famous name brand in gaming computers and accessories and subsidiary of Dell.
Even non-gamers can appreciate the serious star quality of Alienware computers when they see the sci-fi inspired designs. Find something not too expensive (a desktop might be beyond you) and watch the awe in your loved one’s eyes when they realize what they hold in their hands. 
For the Fashion ConsciousClothes are difficult to pick out because everyone has different tastes. If you do know their tastes, go ahead and make your single foray in to a name brand store in your locality and get them something lasting and classic, like a Ralph Lauren shirt or a Givenchy little black dress. If clothes are out, the easiest would be perfume. Buy a Chanel No. 05for the ladies; a classic scent, no one will resist this famous perfume. For the men, try an Aqua Di Gio by Armani. Its light breezy scent is perfect for understated and confident masculinity.
For the Culinary ExpertWhether they are an incredible home cook or a professional chef, the foodie inside your friend will always appreciate a fancy meal in an expensive restaurant, with personal attention from the chef (if possible). That can be a gift in itself, but if you want to impress them further consider gifting them with gourmet food ingredients that they cannot easily get, or an expensive bottle of French or Italian wine. If you really want to pull out all the stops, buy them a Shun classic chef’s knife. This Japanese chef’s knife is made of tough steel and is equally good for slicing meat or fruit.